Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reading "Monica: Pieces of Perfect"

Finished reading Shiwani Neupane's debut novel "Monica: Pieces of Perfect". I'm afraid it didn't fascinate me at all. It's filmy. Now there is nothing bad in being filmy but one expects it to be interesting and spellbinding which the novel is not. The novel drags with its leaden feet and reaches nowhere. It finished the novel with difficulty. It's the story of a spoiled brat, Monica Rijal, a successful fashion model in Singapore. The only child of a tycoon, she has to take over her father's business when he gets killed by a shady person. In an incredible manner, she becomes successful. For me, the problem with the novel is that the character is difficult to connect with as she is a person representing high capitalists. There are repetitions of fancy items which might fascinate only a certain demographic. Another problem lies with presentation. Nowhere does it seems that a young person has written this novel, there is no liveliness in it. However, the writer's command over English language is nice but she could have done better. Probably, editing is sorely lacking here. Nonetheless, the writer has potential which she must flaunt in coming days.

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