Monday, January 12, 2015

Rahul Pandita's "Our Moon Has Blood Clots"

Rahul Pandita's moving memoir "Our Moon Has Blood Clots" is one of the most powerful books I've read in recent times. The plights of Kashmiri Pandits, forcibly evacuated from the Valley in 1990 by Pakistan-backed Islamic militants has been faithfully recorded. Pandits had been historically suffering at the hands of Dogra and Islamic rulers but post-1990 violence against them crossed all limits. The writer himself belongs to the Pandit family and was threatened with dire consequences if his family remained in the Valley. Many of his acquaintances and relatives were mercilessly killed by militants. The refugee settlement in Jammu was appalling. Worryingly, the government was/is apathetic towards them. The writer compares Pandits' pains with that of Jews under Nazi regime. Written lucidly with philosophical insights, this moving account generates sympathy for poor Pandits who had/have to live under fear and persecution without no fault of their own.

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